Celebrating Hutt Valley dads

Hey dads! Need a laugh?

"I was packing for my business trip and my three year old daughter was having a wonderful time playing on the bed. At one point she said, “Daddy, look at this,” and stuck out two of her fingers. Trying to keep her entertained, I reached out and stuck her tiny fingers in my mouth and said, “Daddy’s gonna eat your fingers,” pretending to eat them. I went back to packing, looked up again and my daughter was standing on the bed staring at her fingers with a devastated look on her face. I said, “What’s wrong, honey?” She replied, “What happened to my booger?” See more funny stories and quotes ...

The world beyond mum begins with dad
Yes, its true, dad interacts with his children completely differently than mum. Dads are more exhilarating and playful with their kids and for good reason, all that rough and tumble stimulates muscle development and body awareness. Dads are natural risk-taking teachers! But there's more to a good dad than just exuberant play. Children with fathers that engage early and often do much better at life. We've added a you-tube video of Dr Kylie Pruett discussing the evolution of dads and some wonderful research on the role of fathers, Fathers Contribution

Support groups for dads in the Hutt Valley

There are a few support groups in the Hutt Valley for dads. With 1 in 6 solo parents being fathers and more than 50% of relationships ending in separation, there is a need for more local groups to support fathers in the Hutt Valley. If you'd like to set one up please contact us so we can spread the word! 

Online resources for dads

DIY Father website is jam-packed with information and dedicated to dads. Its main mission is to help men become awesome fathers. You'll find all kinds of helpful information here and a fair few laughs too!

Great Fathers: the new dad's toolbox is a kiwi inspired and created website with practical and useful tips on caring for your baby and children. It's aim is to help " all parents, but men specifically, understand what their baby needs and pointing out what nurturing is and why nurturing is so important".

Father & Child. Here's a great New Zealand resource for dads, and by dads: Read articles written by solo fathers, find information for new dads and teen dads, and subscribe to New Zealand's only parenting magazine for dads, "Father & Child Magazine". Read about -

Fatherhood Foundation offers a course if you are looking for an instruction manual on fatherhood.

Citizens Advice Bureau offers advice on parenting after separation

Dads and daughters

Dads hold a special place in their daughter's heart - you're their first love! 

Nigel Latta has written a book for dads called Raising girls. "The biggest piece of advice Latta wanted men to take from his book was to not be afraid to be part of their daughters' lives...and that doesn't mean you have to be a girl either - you don't have to do all this girly stuff or pretend to be a mum. For some girls, some of their most cherished memories might be sitting halfway up a mountain gutting a bear, because you've taken them hunting one day. " 

Need some ideas for doing your daughter's hair?  Check out you-tube ...


Fathers and sons

Dads play a vital role in raising their sons, providing warm, strong parenting and guidance.  Ian Grant discusses ideas for growing great boys and Steve Biddulph's book, Raising Boys, looks at the most important issues in boys’ development from birth to manhood.  Check out Ian's website www.fatherswhodarewin.com

Feeling like a volcano?

Some young children erupt like volcanoes when angry and it can be hard for parents to manage without getting angry too. This book, Little Volcanoes, offers advice and strategies to understand and manage anger in children under 5, and also how to help parents or caregivers deal with their own anger. 

Check out these websites for more ideas on managing children's anger - KidspotKiwifamilies

Find an anger management course near you -

Ask Vic

Here's a fantastic online resource, "Ask Vic". Vic is now violence free, but wasn't always. He answers questions online and you can write in and be anonymous. There's a good Q&A section you can look through, with past questions people have written in.

Feeling depressed?

Separation or divorce, work stress and unemployment are some of the major risk factors for depression in men. Contact -

  • Depression Helpline ph 0800 111 757
  • Lifeline ph 0800 543 354
  • The Nutters Club facebook page 

Things kids like to do with their dad

Plunket's fun ideas for fathers

  • make a vege garden
  • plant watermelons together then scratch your names on the melons and watch them grow
  • take the kids camping, tramping and bike riding 
  • kayak down the Hutt River
  • build dams at the beach
  • teach the kids your best magic tricks
  • do jobs together
  • go to the movies or a sports event
  • share stories of your childhood
  • build a woodwork project together
  • play ball, fly kites, bake together