Fun maths games for kids

Learn simple addition

Here's a great maths game for learning simple addition.

Learn division

Sheppard Software has some great maths games. Here's another game, this time on learning division.

All round maths

Here's a PacMan style game with divided by, addition and subtraction practice.

More maths games

Are you looking for the coolest maths games for kids? Check it out - there's tons of maths games here that actually make maths fun!

Games for preschoolers

Games, games and more games! There's a great selection of games for preschoolers too on the same site.

Learn to tell the time

Here's a great game to help kids learn to tell the time.

Learn about money

We found some great games to help children learn about money, and develop financial literacy, including The Lemonade Stand Game, Financial Soccer and a Disney financial planning game! Visit The Financial Fairy Tales.