We can actively protect our children from preventable diseases such as influenza, whooping cough, tetanus and measles. Check out the NZ Ministry of Health website and for an explanation of how vaccines work. New Zealand's national immunisation programme offers free vaccination for babies, children and adults.

National Immunisation Schedule - free

Age Vaccines Diseases covered
1 injection Influenza
1 injection (BOOSTRIX™)
6 weeks 1 injection (INFANRIX® -hexa)
Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenzae type b
1 injection (SYNFLORIX®) Pneumococcal 
3 months 1 injection (INFANRIX® -hexa)

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenzae type b
1 injection (SYNFLORIX®) Pneumococcal 
5 months 1 injection (INFANRIX® -hexa)

Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenzae type b
1 injection (SYNFLORIX®)  Pneumococcal 
15 months 1 injection (Act-HIB)
Haemophilus influenzae type b
1 injection (M-M-R® ll)  Measles/Mumps/Rubella 
1 injection (SYNFLORIX®)  Pneumococcal 
4 years 1 injection (INFANRIX™-IPV)
1 injection (M-M-R® ll)  Measles/Mumps/Rubella 
11 years 1 injection (BOOSTRIX™)
12 years
(girls only)
3 doses given over 6 months (GARDASIL®)
Human papillomavirus

45 years 1 injection (ADT™ Booster)
65 years 1 injection (ADT™ Booster)
1 injection (annually)  Influenza  


Other vaccines available

The following vaccines are available free to certain high-risk groups, but other people can purchase these vaccines through their GP if they want them -
  • Tuberculosis (TB)
  • Hepatitis A
  • Meningococcal A, C, Y, W135

People can pay to receive vaccines for -

  • Chickenpox (varicella) 
  • Rotavirus

Check out for information on the diseases and vaccines.

Check out for the latest information on flu outbreaks and practical advice on how to deal with it.

Doctors and after hours clinics

All children under 6 years of age have access to free healthcare in the Hutt Valley. If your child is ill don't wait - see your GP or an after hours clinic near you.

GPs in the Hutt Valley

Medical centres in the Hutt Valley
GPs currently taking on new patients

After hours clinics in the Hutt Valley

Two After Hours clinics provide free care for under 6 so Hutt Valley parents can get treatment for their children when they need it.  
Lower Hutt After Hours Medical Centre, 729 High Street, Lower Hutt ph 567 5345
Upper Hutt After Hours Health Centre, Queen Street Carpark Upper Hutt, ph 9201800
Ropata Medical Centre offers extended hours to patients enrolled with their practice

Dental clinics in the Hutt Valley

Kiwi kids have free basic oral health services until their 18th birthday. Enrol your child early so they can have their initial visit shortly after their second birthday.

You can enrol online or call 0800 TALK TEETH (0800 825 583).

Bee Healthy is a must-visit website - it takes toothbrushing to a whole new level of fun thanks to the cutest animated bee singing and dancing the brushing song!! Once you've stopped giggling you'll also be able to find dental clinics in the Hutt Valley, helpful dental information and an online shop. The Ministry of Health website has good information too.

B4 school checks

All 4 year olds receive a free B4 school check which aims to identify and address any health, behavioural, social or developmental concerns which could affect your child’s ability to get the most benefit from school, such as a hearing problem or communication difficulty. To book a free check contact Dorothy Mitchell ph (04) 460 4670 or email

Child eye healthFree vision and hearing checks

Vision and hearing screening tests are offered to four year old children as part of the Plunket B4 School checks. When vision and hearing issues are picked up early they have less chance of impacting on children's learning and development.

If your child is four years old, and has not had a B4 School Check, phone (04) 460 4670 to arrange an appointment.

Regional Public Health also offer free hearing tests at monthly community clinics for children 4 -18 years. Children under 4 years can be tested with tympanometry (which may identify fluid, a blockage or perforation).

Wainuiomata Whai Oranga Health Centre
7 The Strand 
1st Monday morning of every month
Phone 564 6966 for appointment
Lower Hutt 1st Floor  Community Health Building
Hutt Hospital Campus
High Street
1st Monday afternoon of every month
Phone 570 9186 for appointment
Upper Hutt Upper Hutt Health Centre
Queen Street Carpark
Upper Hutt
Tuesday morning clinic held monthly
Phone 920 1800

Alternative health providers

  • The Twig Centre, - osteopathy, homeopathy, weight loss and much more
  • Keen Bean Wellness - health coaching. Karen works with women and families who are struggling with maintaining a healthy balance in their homes and individual lives and want to learn how to make healthy eating easy to incorporate into a busy life

Skin, eczema and infections

Itchy Kids has loads of information available online about eczema related conditions in children.

Regional Public Health have a good online resource too. Here's a brief summary:

Healthy food and adequate sleep is important for healthy skin -Healthy baby bathing

  • wash hands with soap and water often
  • keep skin clean
  • wash towels and sheets regularly
  • keep nails short and filed. Avoid scratching
  • keep skin cuts and sores clean and covered

Seek medical attention if a sore or area of redness has any of the following features:

  • is greater than the size of a 10 cent coin (approximately 1.5 cm)
  • increasing in size
  • has pus
  • has red streaks coming from it
  • is not getting better within 2 days
  • is located close to the eye

View the full Public Health booklet here

Children's therapists

Carol Laubscher

Integrated Learning Therapy

Carol Laubscher treats children from ages 3+ with a range of conditions: anxiety, trauma, dislexia, ADHD, dyspraxia, autism, etc. Based in Naenae. Visit her website (above). Carol also offers Saturday Clay Play classes for children aged 5-13 in addition to her School Readiness classes, held on Wednesdays 3:30pm.

Clare Ludlam, Counsellor

Clare works with children, adolescents and adults with issues such as anger, anxiety, bullying, depression, domestic violence, grief, self-esteem and identity, relationships, stress and trauma. To get an idea of what else she offers and how she works, have a look at Contact her on 939 8030 or email

Bounce Resilience Training

Life Stuff NZ provides both online and face to face mentoring and resilience coaching for parents, adults and children. Courses for parents cover the parents' own resilience, in addition to providing parenting tools. Register your interest, or for more information on what is available visit

SleepTalk for Children

Andrew is an Accredited Goulding SleepTalk Consultant based in Wellington. SleepTalk (aka The Goulding Process) is a Confidence & Self-Esteem Program for Children.

Andrew has worked with a number of parents to enable their children to live happier & more fulfilled lives. My therapy studio is based at 127b Park Road, Miramar. If you are interested in attending a presentation or clinic contact Andrew by emailing or Ph 04 388 8818. Find out more about SleepTalk for children on

Baby and Beyond

Baby & Beyond are Post-Natal & Sleep Consultants. By nurturing parents with kindness and guidance Baby & Beyond strives to support and empower families. Servicing the greater Wellington area.

Healthy child riding a bikeHealthy child playing on swings

Phone support


  • Phone Healthline, a 24-hour a day health advice service within New Zealand. Free to call, including from your mobile
    0800 611 116

  • Or phone PlunketLine on 0800 933 922 - another free, 24-hour New Zealand telephone service

After-hours health services

Hutt Hospital

Your local public hospital is Hutt Hospital, High Street Lower Hutt.

  • For general enquiries about Hutt Hospital or patient information ph 566 6999
  • For enquires about outpatient appointments ph 570 9555

Health alerts

Check out Hutt Valley Regional Public Health:

Do you know of any alerts at your centre or school? Please let us know

General health

The Ministry of Health and kidshealth are good websites for reliable and accurate information about New Zealand children's health.  

Kids Nurse

Hutt Valley based paediatric nurses are available to come to your home. They can help you find solutions with unsettled, tricky newborns through to child health issues for your 15 year old! They're great to contact first as they can refer on to other services if required. See their website or call Jane on 021 765 023 or Sarah on 027 481 9911.

Rheumatic fever prevention

FREE walk in treatment services

From 3 June 2014 Free sore throat treatment services will be available in the Hutt Valley to eligible children, youth and young adults. This service is targeted at children, youth and young adults who are at High Risk of developing rheumatic fever in our community. This service has been introduced to help prevent the transmission of Group A streptococcal throat infections as part of the National Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme.

For more information see the full article or see our Support Agency News page.

Specialist health services

NZ support groups for children with special needs

Health Passport

If your child visits hospitals often, has a hearing or vision impairment, a medical condition (such as epilepsy or Alzheimer's disease), or has particular communication or support needs, you may find a Health Passport particularly useful.

Take the Health Passport with you when attending hospitals or other providers of health and disability services. The Health Passport contains all the information about how people can support and communicate, and enables health professionals to make appropriate and safe decisions about the care of your child.

Download your Health Passport here. There is also a Health Passport with pictures available, in addition to help guides to get the most out of your Health Passport.

For more information for individuals and carers regarding the Health Passport, email or phone them directly on 04 806 2436.

Bike safety

Be SAFE - helmet
Be SEEN - bright clothing
Be SMART - safe cycle routes

Healthy girl playing with rabbit